Friday, 10 February 2017

Clean & Dirty

Well... it's been a week since my last blog and things have been developing... If you haven't read last Friday's blog 'What I Think About When I'm Jogging' then this post will make no sense, so go check that out if you haven't already....
Ok, now we are all on the same page, I have to say that there is only so much entertainment one can get out of imagining disembodied brushes and sponges cleaning my internal organs so I thought I better take it to the next level.
This week,  hot half naked blokes have been giving my internal organs an imaginary work over...

Yep, they guy has been lovingly cleaning my liver, giving it a right good shine. 
(do my photoshop skills know no bounds? ;-) 

I wanted to show you the half naked ghostbuster strippers that are sucking up the gremlins in my lungs but I couldn't find any pictures of hot half naked ghostbusters on the internet, surprisingly. I can't tell you how much I've been laughing, trying to find these pictures though. Bloody hysterical! I also need to wash my eyes out with soap! 

I needed a good laugh today because the day started off rather frighteningly... I was driving the girls to school...I saw 3 teenaged boys on the other side of the road, one was on the footpath and the other 2 in the road. They weren't exactly monkeying about but my Spidey senses (as in Spider man) were on high alert so I drove past them very slowly, and a good thing too because one of them just decided to run across the road without looking and he hit the car. His whole body bashed into the side of the car with a huge thump, right on the wing mirror, folding it back and rolling onto the driver window with more banging. He leapt back and apologised profusely, told me he was fine, he was totally ok.. Me though, had a heart attack. Ok, I didn't really have a heart attack but I was this close to my worst fear, which is accidentally killing a child with my car, so my adrenaline was going crazy.

A few seconds difference there and something truly awful could've happened. Makes you realise how life is incredibly precious, to drive slowly and also that teenaged boys are capable of extreme silliness. So be careful out there! 
I'll leave you with this guy... he's going to go and check out my kidneys and make sure they are doing whatever they are supposed to be doing properly... 

I know it's weird that my body is filled with legions of tiny microscopic hot gay guys... I can't explain it...

Oh, and incase you were wondering, no, I don't fancy any of these blokes, not my taste at all but they are really good at imaginary cleaning of internal organs in a weird combination of mindful meditation and soft porn...seems to work.

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