Friday, 11 November 2016

What A Week of Madness!

.... TRUMP???!!! ....

This week has been awful. I've had a shitty cold all week and of course, globally, and the weather, death of icons, all that sort of crap. Well actually I've kind of enjoyed the total madness of snow that has fallen over Stockholm. I've never seen so much snow in such a short time. Bonkers! But it didn't effect me. I feel sorry for all the people that couldn't get to work, or home from work and all the people whose cars were snowed in and had no shovel, or winter tires on. But I just kind of enjoyed the sheer apocalyptical proportions of it myself.

So we have a misogynist  narcissistic bigot for president of USA, that's um... well frankly words fail me at this point... and now Leonard Cohen has just died. What a fucking shitty week.

Having said that, I'm an optimist at heart, nothing I can do about it, just wired that way, so I'm going to leave you with a positive note. It might feel like the world is going to hell  in a hand basket right now but there is always hope... so if you want to know more about what can be done to fix things then check out this latest bestselling book by Jonathan Tepperman called 'The Fix...'

'From immigration reform to energy resources, from political paralysis to inequality and extremism, we are beset by a raft of huge and seemingly insurmountable issues. ...The ripples are felt by us all in our everyday lives - in unemployment figures or, if we're lucky, our stubbornly flat payslips, in the crumbling roads, Tube strikes and sky-rocketing tuition fees.
What goes under-reported are the success stories. Here, taking ten of the most knotty issues we face today, Jonathan Tepperman examines unsung individuals' bold and innovative attempts against all odds and expectations to solve some of the important problems governments have struggled with for decades. Each chapter tells the story of one government that's found a way to avoid the snares that entangle most of the others. The solutions described in the book aren't speculative: they've all already been tried, and they work.
Controversial, provocative but always stimulating, Tepperman here offers a powerful, data-driven case for optimism. Written with flair and an infectious exuberance, The Fix is a book to restore hope to the pessimistic, and offer both practical advice and inspiration in a time of relentless bad news.'

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