Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Clever Ideas for Upcycled Drawers

I love old things, I love re-using things, I love painting things and I really love clever ideas... So this is a feast of goodness right here.... Is it time to take another look at that crappy old chest of drawers you keep meaning to throw away, but still kinda need because it houses your socks and pants or whatever? I think it is....I could show you a million pictures of fabulously painted chests of drawers, because, Goddess knows, there really is a lot of it out there....
Ok, I just had to add one pretty painted thing, but no, that's not where we are going today... 
now check out these for some brilliant ideas...

 If your princess pooch requires a more elegant feeding station, and one you can discreetly close, and keep all the stinky dog food shut away, well, that is a 100% brilliant idea right there!

And, if you remove and drawers for some reason in your splendid renovations, well, it's a doggie bed!

I like these rather boho seats, especially the ones that integrate a side table, once it would've been good for a telephone table but I think my family are like the only humans left with a land line! Still, it is nice to at least sit when you are talking on the phone ;-)

Or a kitchen work station?

Or a fab way to store your shoes in the hallway?
You can get full instructions on how to do it here

But my personal favourite are these glamorous bunny hutches. What a fabulous idea!

Hmmm...I feel a weekend project coming on!

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