Friday, 20 November 2015

Dream Catchers

So, it's bloggery Friday and I was sitting there, at lunch thinking...'what the hell am I going to write about today?' Not feeling in the slightest bit inspired to do my blog at all...but then I had a brain wave...I've been wanting to make a dreamcatcher type thing for ages. I've been thinking about it a lot, even been collecting bones and driftwood for the occasion but I just have never had time. So, I decided that I would make it as my blog!  perfect excuse!
So here is my creation of what I loosely call a dreamcatcher but is actually more of a piece of art inspired by nature, but that doesn't sound so catchy...dream catchy...ok...before I go off on a wordy tangent here is where I started...
Basically we've got a lampshade ring, an old horn, but you could easily use driftwood, lace, wire, feathers and cotton fabric.
 I started wrapping the ring to be the base for all nonsense to commence...
Then I wrapped wire around the horn, slipping a length of chain on to each loop around.

Then I used lace to cover the wire and used a thin cord of brown leather to loop all the way around the ring and hold the horn in place. There is no glue used on this, just wire, and will.

The hardest and fiddliest part was tying the feathers onto the chain, but once that was done, it was pretty much finished. I felt that it needed something on top to balance it out a bit so I added some driftwood and I added the amethyst nuggets hanging on the sides, but I might take them away... haven't decided yet. I need to live with it for a bit to make a decision if it is finished or not.

It isn't meant so much for catching bad dreams but more as holding good walking along the beach collecting driftwood up in the mountains by a lake on holiday with the family.

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