Friday, 9 October 2015

Van Asch Crafty Customers & Creativity

As I mentioned last week, this blog is dedicated to my crafty customers who use my fabrics and cushion covers etc to make things look fabulous.
Crafting has never been so popular as it is right now, almost everyone has some kind of need to create things. For some people it is gardening or cookery but for me it is beads, mosaic, upholstery, sewing, painting, collage, decoupage, lampshade making, photography... and the list goes on for as long as the imagination does...

A lot of my customers use the fabrics for upholstering old chairs, giving them a new lease of life and I love that on many levels. Firstly, I'm hugely into upcycling and reusing things and secondly, old furniture has more soul and well... twiddly bits...I do love twiddly bits!

These are a few chairs by Liloli Design
Using our Shrine Fabric

Our Treasure Fabric

Our Esoterica fabric

And here is a selection from Rinas Art & Design and you can find lots of her fabulous work on Instagram @rinas_art_design

Covered with our Edwardian Gothic fabric

This chair is too amazing for words! Using our Skull Keys & Peonies cushion cover and augmenting with swarovski crystals and chains...Hello!

Using our Mirror Mirror cushion cover

Using our 2 Halves Makes a Whole cushion cover

But not everyone uses the fabrics for upholstery or curtains... Here is an ingenious way to store those ugly plastic bags

And here is a lampshade made from panels of Golden Skulls fabric.

And here is the Golden Skulls fabric again used as art...

And in the back panel of this fabulous chair. I love the daring colour of this chair, what a great combo!

So are you feeling creative? How about starting a new project this weekend?
But what ever you choose to do this weekend enjoy yourselves! I'm off to sell my old car, then go to a party tonight and then have a big italian style extended family dinner on Sunday... If I've got time, I'll squeeze in some jewellery making...and that's my weekend all sorted!

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