Thursday, 25 June 2015

Habits, Self Development & Attitude

I'm reading a book at the moment called 'Better than before' by Gretchen Rubin.
It is basically about how to improve your life by letting go of crappy habits and fostering new ones.
It's really got me thinking about my life and how to mould some elements to serve me better. Truth is, I'm feeling pretty dynamic right now and I've already adopted a bunch of great new habits..lets see if I can keep them up though! I also had a sudden realisation that I've been moving toward a more consciously positive design style in my cushion designing life. My 'Make Peace not war' collection was definitely a political statement and my 'Esoterica' range is also another gentle reminder about living life more fully and letting the mysteries in. Just simple prettiness in not always enough for me now. I kinda like cushions with a conscience.

Reading the book has also got me doing a bit of navel gazing so-to-speak. It is much easier if you know what kind of person you are when you want to adopt a new habit, as there are a bunch of different techniques that work for different personality types. 

 I am definitely happier when I live an ordered life. I like rules, deadlines, form, schedules, lists. It's the kind of person I am, so forming habits helps my life go smoothly. It takes away all the constant decision making, like should I make the bed now or should I make it later? One of my new simple habits is to drink a full glass of water when I wake up because I have to fight my tendency towards not drinking enough in general. I can't say something vague like 'I need to drink more water' I need specific amounts at specific times or I won't do it. It helps to free my mind up to be creative, to take it away from the drudge of constantly making choices about banal things.

Well, I gotta go now as it is soon time for my 3:00 yoga (new habit for the summer)

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