Friday, 5 June 2015

Burlesque Feathers, Tassels & Interiors

Burlesque is a style very dear to my heart, where the less is more approach doesn't wash, unless you mean less clothes is more interesting...then it is right on the money!
But the opulent over the top glamour and rich lushness of the style appeals to me completely. I mean what is not improved with more feathers, tassels, glitter and attitude?

I've just launched the new 'Burlesque' Collection of cushions  and the first one is called Burlesque Jet...
and the second is inspired by those cheeky Victorians.... well we don't normally think of Victorians as cheeky at all, but they really embraced Burlesque and revelled in the silly sauciness of it all.
So how do you get that Burlesque vibe into your home?
Well lets peak into reigning Queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese's home and see what she does...

And when she isn't lounging around in her opulent home she is lounging around in giant glasses of champagne... looks quite relaxing!

The recurring colour themes are always black with pink or red and gold, theatrical and feminine.
Check out this closet...wanty wanty wantington!

Here's some cool upcycling ideas to pimp up your stuff and get the look...

 Floral arrangement -
 Martiniglass chandelier, Chandelini $1775, (or why not DIY?)

Feathers and tassels turn boring lamps into fab lamps and it is easy to do yourself if you're a wee bit crafty.
And talking about pimping stuff up, check out these bras!

What can't be achieved with glue? Marvelous stuff. And I love this idea! bling up the underneath of your shoes for maximum decadence!
or if that isn't enough madness for your glue gun then check out these!

Although burlesque has been around as a term used to describe a particular type of entertainment since the 17th century,  the Victorians took it onto the next level of ribald hilarity. However, our sense of what Burlesque really looks like comes from the 1920's to 1940's cabaret scene, with all the nudity, sexiness and style.

 There is no such thing as too much makeup. Inside a dressing room at the Moulin Rouge, 1924 -

 Moulin Rouge: La Goulue, 1891, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French), Lithograph printed in four colors. -
La Moulin Rouge

So back into glam interiors now...

 Dressing table (because all burlesque girls need one) -

 How to store your shoes -

 Boudoir inspiration -

 Burlesque interior -
Meg Matthew's bathroom don't get more glam, ouch it's too beautiful! I can't look anymore! You can read about her here

And I love these chairs by Sarah Louise Dix

And finally, if you are bored over the weekend and fancy a little crafty project then how about making your own cool burlesque style plates?
These from  Dupenny to inspire you!

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