Monday, 10 March 2014

Fashion & Trends at Attitude STHLM show

Well, I spent Friday and Saturday down at AttitudeSTHLM which is a fair, open to the public, focusing on fashions, trends, makeup, blogging and that kind of girly stuff. Isabelle, the lovely lady that makes furniture with my fabrics had a stand there and invited me to share her spot.

Here we are together…

The first things you saw upon entering, apart from thousands of youngsters in their 'bloggers' uniform  (black leggings, black slightly quilted jacket, sensible boots, large bag, sunglasses…)
was some hair installations from Toni & Guy which were quite cool

which was in stark contrast to the very dodgy hair fashion show… I give you 'hair hat'…

Just because you can do something with hair does not mean you necessarily should.

The highlights for me were some pictures by one of the photographers showing there. Ivan totally captures the beauty in decay and the dreamy like quality of abandoned buildings… How lucky, we are going to be doing some work together… but more on that as it develops.

And worthy of a backward glance was Shoise. They make shoe art, perhaps the kind of thing Lady Gaga might wear down the shops ;-)

And how could my blog be complete without showing you the amazing furniture Isabelle makes with my fabrics…

and the stand..

And that is all from me for now…

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