Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Upcycled Tablecloth & Prep for Photoshoot

Well! Where to begin? Busy busy busy! I don't know if I mentioned this fact, but one of Sweden's biggest newspapers is coming to my house next week to interview me and take pictures of me and my humble home. Do you know what that means? It means I'm driving myself crazy trying to fix everything, clean everything and make all the special little bits that I always wanted in the house but never had time to make. I still don't have time but now I've got a big incentive... so I've made myself a linen table cloth and edged it with old dollies and handmade crocheted bits I found in various secondhand stores and boot fairs (loppis). I thought husband would hate it but he said it's the nicest tablecloth he's ever seen. There is no higher praise :-)

You know I've been making some little deer antlers for one of my daughters to wear in an upcoming photoshoot I've got planned with Janice Issitt. Well, I painted them white then browny black and sanded off bits to give that realistic worn antler look but I didn't like it. They looked to dark and spooky to be on my little poppits head so I made an impulse decision to paint them with some left over Annie Sloan chalk paint in Antoinette pink that I bought from Store Gården Country Living. You can't really see that they are a beautiful soft dusky pink but they are really lovely.
Now I just have to put them onto a hairband and we are good to go...

So, there are so many photoshoots planned for next week it's all a bit hard to keep it in my head! Here is a big pink paper flower, I've borrowed a whole sack of them from a kind friend who just got married ( these were some of the decorations). They are going into the forest photoshoot with my girls, my cushions and yummy cakes, and they are going to look fab!

Behind is one of the cushions I just made for my new stockist in Poland and I've also confirmed a distributor in Japan so Van Asch is really get out there right now! 


  1. Been there and promised myself never again as the neurosis took overhand and no one was aloud to touch or move anything prior XXX

    1. Yep, that's pretty much where we are at here. But it's been a great excuse to get the house cleaned and sorted so I'm thankful for the motivation :-)