Thursday, 20 June 2013

Me & My Home

As I mentioned earlier, I had an interview coming up with a big Swedish newspaper... I spent the last few day going mad, cleaning, painting, organizing...
Well, they came yesterday and here's a quick snap of me getting ready...

 and we had a delightful interview over breakfast... Everything is so much better with pastries involved...

Then they roamed around my house taking pictures. Here are some similar that my friend 
Janice Issitt Photography took just before they arrived.

My Bedroom

My Living Room

I'm in the middle of lots of photoshoots right now, just back from a fantastic photoshoot at Görvälnsslott today...more on that in the next blog which will be after midsommer.


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    1. Thanks :-) I made a special effort to tidy it up for the photoshoot ;-) Now my hall looks like a building site!