Thursday, 11 April 2013

World Of Steam & Teacups

Well I just discovered this picture whilst reading
about World of Steam on Kickstarter.
You don't get to see a teacup bra too often and it got me thinking about teacups, how beautiful they are and all the weird and wonderful things you can do with them...other than drinking tea.
But before you see all sorts of cool stuff you can do with teacups I better explain... For anyone that doesn't know what Kickstarter and that all means... World of Steam is a new TV show and Kickstarter is the internet funding platform for them to raise money and get their project off the ground. Well they got the funding so I eagerly await the finished pilot later this year...In the meantime you can check out this trailer/ promo for World of Steam

Here is one of the gorgeous necklaces by dishfunctional designs from etsy.

Tea cup bracelets, fragile but beautiful.

Pin cushions! Genius! And really easy to do...

This bird feeder is made from china I'm not too keen on but imagine it in beautiful old porcelain.

Now this is much more my kind of thing. Check out lots more cool designs by Capitulumvii on their Etsy page

  These would be great in a little cafe, over the tables just to add a touch of ambience. They are by T2

As a chandelier...why not??

I love this idea for bird feeders because I love the idea of feeding the wee birdies obviously but also how surreal and great these colourful bits of old china would look in the garden

I love this lamp made from old punch glasses from justbeme

 This is one idea I've actually done myself already. I have lots of jewellery in an old pink and gold cup. Pretty pretty pretty.

A novel idea for quaint kitchen curtail tie backs


  1. What a beautiful blog, I want to try some of those ideas.

  2. I've never seen tea cups have so many creative uses. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! :)

  3. Thanks for including my bird feeder in your round up here. It's actually not made from china, it's melamine plates from Target.

    I'm really digging those tea cup bangle bracelets. So cute!

    1. Aha! Thank you for enlightening me Erin! It's a really great idea and I guess it could still be made from china rather than melamine.