Thursday, 4 April 2013

Glorious Gold

I love the colour gold. I love gold jewellery, gold interiors and gold things but I must admit, not generally modern shiny gold. Think... more antique, vintage gold and brass of course.
When looking around at images to put up here, I saw so much awful blingy gold stuff, which was all about shoving the idea of aspirational luxury and wealth down our throats. Gold can be so chavvy, so tasteless and so boring. Here is my homage to gold as the height of interesting, sophisticated and understated luxury and beauty.

 Here is a clock and a birdcage...brilliant!

 I don't really know what's going on here but it is super weird and that's always a good start for!
 Gold feather outfit by Alexander Mcqueen. Weird and wonderful!

I love theses walls! The combination of lustrous gold and delicate grey birds is just perfect. Blanc de chine over gold leaf. The interior of the restaurant "Turandot" on Tverskaya Boulevard, Moscow. Фото: Степанов Михаил
 Here's an outfit not for the feint of heart. It's one of Gou Pei's incredible couture creations, walking art! Although, I've seen the shoes that model is wearing and walking does not come easy!
 This piece of jewellery is by the genius Lalique and it exquisite beyond words...
 Klimt, how could I pay homage to gold without including some of his beautiful work?

 Japan's 'Tunnel of lights'. Gorgeous!
 This beetle is like nothing else you've ever seen! Croatian gate designer Sandro Vrbanus made those panels in an olympian effort which took 3000 man hours. It was made so beautifully that the doors still worked and the windscreen wipers were fitted back in place, yet the finished thing weighed only fractionally more than the original beetle.
 This is actually a handle so you grasp and turn the hand to open the door. How cool is that?
 I love filigree and wrought iron and the colour combo of gold and turquoise is alway a winner for me.
 Love this gold cuff, gothic in the purest sense.

 This exquisite dress is by Givenchy and is all kinds of wonderful!

 I love this piece of artwork called 'Miragem'. Don't know where or who from but think it is mysterious and meditative.

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