Friday, 29 March 2013

What to do with Antique Typewriters

So...I was having a think, since my post yesterday about Ampthill Antiques Emporium, about what to do with those wonderful old typewriters and I've got a few ideas.... but first let me just refresh your knowingness about how truly beautiful, and quite frankly weird, these old beauties can be...

Here is a selection from Martin Howard who collects and refurbishes these delicious things and if you want to see lots more do check his website Antique Typewriters

and yes, they really are typewriters of some sort

But what can you do with them if you don't like the 'slung in a corner gathering dust' look?
Well, How about building robots out of them? Check the work of upcycle artist Gabriel Dishaw

Or these Robots by Jeremy Mayer  Apparently he disassembles old typewriters and puts them back together without welding or glue.

Okay so enough robots already, what about using the keys for a subtle steampunk wedding bouquet? 

And then of course we have the jewellery and there is LOTS of wonderful stuff so here's some things from Kirsten of Sophia's Decor on Etsy

Anne Jansen, an artist hailing from Marthasville in America creates beautiful pieces like this...

Finally what about plants? Yep, shove some earth in and some artfully arranged greenery and lo and behold...


  1. I have 2 of them buried in the attic.... Old Underwoods from the early 1900's. Tempted to dig them out now and have a look..... :-)