Monday, 23 April 2018

Norrköping Tattoo Convention & My Current Fave Tattoo Artist...

So, I missed doing my blog last Friday because I was home with a cold... feeling a bit better now, thanks for asking ;-) And I won't be blogging this coming Friday either because I will be at the Norrköping Tatueringsmässan (tattoo convention)

I'm having a stand there selling my wares and having an excuse to hang out with my lovely sister who has flown over from UK to do it with me.... This is kind of like a fun working holiday sort of thing.

I promise that I'll take lots of pictures and report back with all the interesting things I see there, so for now,  a picture of my leg. That sounds weirder than it is...

and here is my work in progress by Tracy D... I really must get the colour done!

And my current fave tattoo artist Jenna Kerr, I would love to have something from her...

If you want to see more of my top tattoo picks then see my Pinterest board:
and maybe see you down the convention next weekend!

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