Friday, 9 March 2018

The Power of Crystals - Jewellery, Peeing in the Snow & More...

You may have noticed that didn't post a blog last Friday as I usually do, well that was because I was here...

Yes, that is me disguised as a snow boarder from the 90's astride a slightly scary snow mobile.
The whole family was away on holiday in the middle of nowhere with snow up to our bums. It was all very well when riding around on the snow scooter but just imagine for a moment what happens when you want to get off... you sink up to your that stuck in your mind? Ok, what do you think happens when you need to go for a pee? Ok, stop imagining things now ;-) I'll tell you, one time I had to walk very carefully along the slightly compacted track of the bike far enough away for modesty. Ignoring the very curious reindeer (you can see one in the background of the pic but there were 100's). Another time I had to actually dig a hole. Very uncivilised!

Anyway, the less said about all that the better!
On our last night we all went to a restaurant in UmeƄ called Pinchos.

I had never heard of this place before, apparently it is a chain and they have a new concept where everything is done on your mobile phone. The app on your phone has the menu and you order via your phone and get alerts when it is time to go and pick your food up. The food itself is like ordinary food done in tapas style.

 So hamburgers and pizzas and stuff, in miniature. Very cute actually and plenty of options for vegetarians such as myself. The food was delicious and it was all a great deal of fun. Helped by the circus themed decor.

Now I'm back at work and looking forward to my delivery of organic cushion covers and shopper bags which are due later today. I'll post up about that next week.

Last night I had a few spare hours and I did some jewellery making, something that I really enjoy doing. I'll put them up on the web store later... (jewellery link)

I used to work in a crystal shop, it was the only kind of 'normal' job that I've ever had.
 I spent the day preparing astrological charts and reading Runes and channeling crystal powers and other such cosmic fun, so I've always had a love for natural stones and like to use them in jewellery as much as I can...
What do you think?

Well that is it for me, I've got to prepare some space for 100's of cushion covers and bags that are about to be delivered....
Have a sparkly weekend :-)

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