Friday, 9 February 2018

Tattoos, Yoga & a Very Sweaty Photo Session!

This morning I've been doing a photo session for my brand new workout gear, with the lovely model Elegy (Linda-Marie) and photographer Kristiina Andersson in my local gym.
Man did we make Elegy work! Good thing she actually knows what she is doing in the yoga department, some of those positions! You'll see...
anyway, here is a quick behind the scenes video and some rubbish snaps from my camera phone in the gloom... I'll post up the finished shots when they are ready.

If you want some fab new gym gear, then check out my web store and don't forget that 5% of everything sold goes towards empowering women in Tamil Nadu India, getting them into business and lifting them out of poverty. You can read more about that over on my website.

Remember that this life is not a rehearsal... get your butt down the gym :-)
..........and I say that with love ........

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