Friday, 14 October 2016

My Wonderful Creative Crafty Customers!

What would Van Asch be without you? 

This is a showcase of my customers clever crafty creations with Van Asch fabrics and cushions... Maybe some inspiration for you this weekend, get out your old dining chairs and give them a facelift!
Thats what Kajsa has done from IceQueen Crystal Design

And speaking of dining chairs, I just love the combination Rina has used with our Esoterica fabric and these super gothic carved chairs...

And she is rocking our new Victorian Gothic fabric on these dining chairs too... and using off cuts as framed wall art.  Check out her inspiring instagram page @skrangla1

Martina from MyHouseInColour has done a lovely armchair with our Spring Cottage Fabric.

And following the soft pink theme, I just can't get enough of that colour!!... Here is our Golden Skulls & Edwardian Gothic fabrics at conference centre The Dream Valley

I've been working with Isabelle From BVN Designs for years and she keeps doing awesome things with my cushion covers! You don't necessarily need fabric by the meter to cover furniture, you can use cushion covers instead...
Here is our 2 Halves Makes a Whole...actually finally making a whole!

And using our very bohotastic Crystal Mandala cushion covers..

You can use the off cuts for arty projects too.. check out what Glada Ungmön has done with our Edwardian Gothic fabric

And more conventionally with our Buddha fabric, elegant but bohemian...I like it!

but I want to leave you with these 2 great pics because they are a bit different... firstly this super cute hat by Tant Camilla Millens from our limited Edition stretchy Golden Skulls fabric, and one of my customers who passed by me at the last Formex wearing a dress she had made with a panel from our Edwardian Gothic fabric. Sorry I cropped your head out of the picture but I don't didn't get your name and I want to protect your anonymity...but I was very impressed!...very crafty ladies!


Next Friday I'm going to do a blog all about your homes! Yes, pictures of your Van Asch delights in your home! If you would like a chance to be featured then please mail pics to or #vanasch on instagram. Anonymity guaranteed ;-)

Have a wonderful creative weekend !

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