Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wings in Interior Design, Jewellery and Trends

This blog is, in great part, about the things that inspire me, things I think are beautiful and ideas that trickle down into my designs.

This time it's wings and I can't help but notice how, despite all the fantastic technology around us and the endless possibilities of modern, man made design, we often go back to natural forms for our inspiration. I know I do, insects, birds, flowers, forests...No one does it better than the grand know who I mean!

Wings have been a huge trend in tattoos, interior design, jewellery design etc... I love them, they are beautiful and this blog is dedicated to the natural beauty of wings...

I first came across the work of Roza Khamitova a year or so ago and I just love her scarves. She has a etsy shop which is a must see if you are a scarf junkie like me...

Check out this furniture! I couldn't find the makers but think these are just lovely

One of the easier ways to get the wing vibe into the home is to mount some on the wall and there are lots out there to choose from...

Or get the look with my winged cushions from the Winged Relics Collection

And then of course there are the lovely wearables... I found this beautiful Siberian Eagle Owl necklace by Windfalcon on Etsy and just love it!

and of course I have used lots of wings in my own jewellery...

sadly I don't have time to make jewellery anymore or hats, I used to make lots a crazy hats although none so crazy as this one... photographed by John Farrar. I don't know who made the headdress but at a guess I would say Miss G who makes some of the most beautifully bonkers head gear I've ever seen!

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