Monday, 10 February 2014

Ghost cake & Raven Apocalypse

Well, I was seriously considering tweaking this blog so it is a Gothic Mums Blog…just check out the last few days…
So my eldest daughter is turning 10 and she wanted to have ghost themed sleep over party. 'Brilliant idea!' I thought and so it was until after the ghost stories were told…we lost a couple of girls that night…. only to their mummies, who had to come and collect them because they were too scared to stay. Mwah haha...
Here is the cake I made and everything is edible even down to the 'soil' (sprinkles) graves.

The following day I had to take husband to the airport, as he is off to Japan to play bass in a goth band he is in. I could barely concentrate on saying goodbye as we were surrounded by thousands of crows. This was not a Hitchcockian amount of crows, this was a gothic apocalyptic amount of crows. The picture doesn't really do them justice, suffice to say that it was AWESOME!!!! Then they all took flight at the same time and flew over our heads! Amazing!
And the footnote to the theme of 'Gothic Family' is my youngest daughter, she's 6 and a half… she says some well dark stuff, always makes me chuckle. Recently she asked...
 'Mummy can I use the red permanent marker pen so I can make blood on this cape and be the Queen of Darkness?'
She's always been that way…wonderful!

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