Friday, 5 July 2013

Pretty Flowery Things

Sometimes I just feel like surrounding myself with pretty girly flowery things, but my husband doesn't. That is to say, he doesn't want to be surrounded by pretty girly flowery things. Fair enough I say, compromise is central to a happy marriage and thusly I must get said girliness out of my system and onto this here blog. So here's to pretty whimsical nonsense that I will never have in my happy home...
Having said that, I do also use lots of flowers in my cushion designs which helps to get it out of my system. Here is Flaming Sacred Heart printed cushion

  And here is Vintage View which has a really lovely flowery back.

These kettles could make it through the hard husband line, as although he dislikes flowery things, he has a steak of love for Russian traditional stuff and these kinda have that vibe

These plates are a must have and maybe hubby would tolerate them as he does like a bit of odd quirkery here and there...


  1. There used to be a Marie Antoinette jewelry box on your website and at the time I wasn't able to buy it. Do you have anything similar going up for sale? It was lovely.

  2. Thanks! It was a real one-of a kind I'm afraid. I don't have anything like that now :-(